Riverstone Village  Riverstone Village (RsV) is an age-mixed Self-Directed Education community with members aged 4 and up. Our main age range...

What is SDE?

Self-Directed Education is a cutting-edge new form of human-rights-aligned, future-proofing education that is as old as the hills. It’s a modern...

Autonomous Motivation

Importantly, Self-Directed Education works through Autonomous motivation (motivation that comes from the desires inside of us) rather than through Controlled motivation...

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A free-range childhood in a rich and respectful community gives solid foundations for self-mastery and lifelong learning.

At RsV we believe that given the unknowable future humanity faces, confidence, courage, communication, compassion, collaboration, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, initiative and effective self-management are far better educational bets than obedience, conformity, neat handwriting, the ability to memorise information, and the ability to pass written tests. There’s only so many hours in a day. Time spent on somebody else’s curriculum is time not spent on finding and developing one’s own unique strengths.

At Riverstone Village, every member’s time and energy is their own to direct and invest in their own unique way.

“Self-education through play and exploration requires enormous amounts of unscheduled time—time to do whatever one wants to do, without pressure, judgment, or intrusion from authority figures.”

Dr. Peter Gray